About Us

Here at The Floral Mart, we believe that simplicity is the key. Founded in early 2015 by entrepreneur Joanna Wang, the goal was for this website to be used for homeowners and interior designers alike. Our hand-crafted and professionally designed arrangements were inspired by trends of the floral design market as well as our own personal tastes. However as we continue to grow and learn, we have come to learn that it is what is simply shown that is better. 

We hope to appeal to the ones that want to brighten up their homes with a beautiful floral arrangement but without having to buy a new bouquet every week or spend too much time in the garden. Life is fast these days and we want to give you plants and flowers you can enjoy for years to come without the hassle of taking care of them.

Our decorations are not just for every day decorum. We have the perfect products for any event, birthday parties, graduation, weddings--anything you have planned. Our artificial flowers come in various colors that are perfect for any theme you have in mind and we are here to help you find that perfect arrangement or flowers to complete your vision. 

All of our products are beautiful designed. Our artificial plants are made with care and attention to detail that look so real and fresh all year around. Everything is hypoallergenic and created with imported goods, however they are assembled all here in the United States (with some assembly required on a few products). We hope to inspire you with goods for your decor needs, keeping up with all the newest trends while also giving you something that will last for years to come. We are internet retailer. It is our mission to provide high quality artificial flowers and plants to you with good pricing.