Home Decor Tips

Feng Shui: Flower Power

One of my favorite things to do in my own home is to have a flower bouquet as the centerpiece, especially in the living room where my family tends to spend most of their time. Placing one flower bouquet brings in a lot positive energy into my house (I mean, even my daughter is a ball full of energy and it has been years since she was a hyperactive six year old). Only problem is, real flowers tend to dry out within five to ten days. Dead and dried out flowers change the flow of energy from positive to negative, plus they aren't exactly the best thing to look at. I prefer the use of high quality artificial flowers to decorate my house, especially the ones made of fabric and polyester that give you all the beauty without the short lifespan. They look extremely close to the real thing and have the same feel.

Feng Shui principles always mean to have the right location with the right accent to create a perfect balance of house energy. The East and Southeast areas of your home are a great place to put flowers and other plants. (Easy hack: Use your smartphone's compass!) Now, if your living room or family room is in the East or Southeast area of your home, then that's perfect. Place a house plant in the corner or a small flower bouquet on your coffee table, the location of the plants are endless. But if your living room isn't in the East or Southeast area, use your compass to figure out which side of your living room is facing that direction and decorate accordingly.

Giving your friends and family a silk flower bouquet would be like giving them a blessing in good Feng Shui. Everyone deserves a boost in positive energy, no matter where the are in life. Silk flowers last flower and the flower power helps bring in a healthy home and healthy life.






Feng Shui: Peonies for Love

Feng Shui (pronounced fung sh-way), or "wind-water" in English, is art of environmental science. Bringing this ancient Chinese practice into your life can allow for wonderful and beneficial results. Good feng shui practices and applying them to your every day life can bring you luck in many endeavors including your love life, career opportunities, and your life overall. These practices date back for generations dealing with the "invisible forces" that binds life together. It helps with the energy flow of your life, bringing in positive energy and good fortune. Even if  you don't have the time to do major projects in the name of feng shui, I'd like to share some small tips that would help, because even the smallest of home decor can brighten up your life and the lives of your friends, if you would like to give them the gift of good fortune.

Peonies ("The Flower of Riches and Honors" or "King of the Flowers" in Chinese) is the traditional floral symbol for China, declared in the Qing Dynstasy in 1903, and as such it is widely popular in Chinese homes. This flower represents marriage for females. Colorful and blooming peonies in ones household would bring change by opening your life up to new romantic relationships. The best place for optimal feng shui would be to put one silk peony bouquets in the south side of one's living room or in the bedroom.

These bouquets would be a perfect gift for you or one of your friends who you know would be looking for a new relationship in her life. Just remember to put it in the right spot for the optimal chance for new love in your life, brighten up the space in your room.